About Us


    Constellation House is a website that focuses on the communication of excellent cultural and aesthetic pictures and videos. We have selected high-quality beautiful pictures and videos for you to enjoy, so as to cultivate your emotions and please your body and mind.

    The Constellation House website adopts a membership system. Members are divided into quarterly paid members and annual paid members. The two types of members only have different validity periods, and other functions are the same. Become a member can browse all the content we provide without restrictions; non-members can only browse the preview part of the basic content we provide and some selected content.

    Constellation House website resources are all from the Internet and contributed by netizens. If your rights are violated, please contact us by email immediately.

    Constellation House welcomes your contribution. If the contribution is adopted, you will get 10 days of additional membership time for free (the premise is that you must already be our member). For contributions, please email: service@constellationhouse.com